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8 Benefits of Outdoor Blinds and Awnings

Outdoor blinds and awnings are a fantastic way to provide comfort all year round in outdoor entertaining areas and over windows. They also deliver many other benefits for Queensland homes.  We’ve put together out top 8 benefits of outdoor blinds and awnings.

1. Protection from harsh weather

High quality outdoor blinds and awnings can protect you and your property from the harsh summer sun, wind and rain in outdoor entertaining areas. And by keeping out the harsh elements, outdoor patio and deck blinds will also protect
your furnishings from damage, fading and general wear and tear.

2. Cooling

Outdoor blinds keep your home cooler as they are highly effective at blocking the harsh Queensland sun.

3. Energy Efficiency

As we said, quality outdoor window blinds and awnings are crafted to block and reflect heat to shield and protect your home from the harsh Queensland sun. This reduces the need for expensive air conditioning, and it’s estimated that this can reduce your energy bill by up to 50%.

4. Maximise Space

Outdoor blinds can maximise the amount of outdoor living space by covering patios, verandahs, and other entertaining areas. As houses and commercial blocks get smaller, outdoor blinds can help maximise your outdoor space.

5. Add Value and Aesthetic Appeal

Blinds can add value to your home by improving your house’s appearance and increasing outdoor living space.  They come in a wide range of models, styles and colours, so you can match your blinds with your house architecture, colour and décor.

6. Increase Privacy

Awnings can also increase the privacy of your outdoor space so you can enjoy your verandah or patio without being watched by nosy neighbours!

7. Easy to Use

Choose between motorised, spring operated and crank operated.  Spring operated is a manual pull down blind. Crank operated is a crank winding operation and motorised is remote control. All options are easy to use.

8. Allow Airflow

Some blind and awning fabrics are designed to block out heat, provide privacy but still allow air to flow through to your outdoor space. Ziptrak® awnings even allow you to monitor light, airflow and temperature.


Choose between a wide range of outdoor blinds

Darren’s Blinds, Shutters and Curtains have a wide variety of quality, durable outdoor blinds and awnings to suit every home and business including:

  • Ziptrak® Awnings: Spring operated and motorised
  • Zipscreen Awnings: Spring and crank operated & motorised
  • Folding Arm Awnings: Crank and Motorised
  • Wire Guide: Crank and Motorised
  • Side Channel: Crank and Motorised
  • Drop Arm Awnings: Crank and Motorised
  • Multi Stop Side Channel: Spring operated
  • Straight Drop: Spring operated

Contact Darren today for expert outdoor blinds and awnings advice or to book your free measure and quote.