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How Quality Security Screens can prevent theft

Many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity, and the odds of being robbed can be greatly reduced through the use of things like quality security screens on doors and windows. As the hotter months approach in Queensland, it’s tempting to leave doors and windows open to capture the cooling summer breeze, but this leaves you further vulnerable to theft. There are simple ways to reduce your chances of being robbed, and we’ve put together some tips to help keep your possessions safe.

Tips to Reduce your Chances of Being Burgled

1. Make Your Doors and Windows Tougher to break in through

The majority of burglars enter your home through windows or doors, so it makes sense to tighten security.  Install high quality security grilles and deadbolt locks, and ensure they are installed correctly.

2. Hide Your Valuables

If your valuables are in plain site, it will take a thief just a few minutes to collect your prized possessions.

3. Maintain your property

Mow your lawns, remove letterbox mail and newspapers, so your property looks lived in, even if you are on holidays.

3. Reduce the accessibility of your house

Store ladders and tools away, trim tree branches, and don’t leave wheelie bins or chairs under accessible windows.

4. Don’t make your holiday plans public

Publishing your holiday or travel plans on social media or in a forum where thieves can learn about your absence increases your risk of theft.

5. Consider installing security devices 

Alarms, security cameras and timer lights or motion sensor lights can reduce the risk of burglary.

The Benefits of Security Screens

Not only do security screens allow you to let in the summer breeze without leaving doors and windows unlocked, quality security screens and grills are a key factor in preventing burglary. They can also reduce your home security premiums.

However, it’s important to ensure you buy and install a quality screen that offers good protection.

How to Select a Quality Security Screen

1. Ensure the screen meets Australian Standards

The term ‘security screen door’ is meaningless unless it meets Australian Standard AS5039-2008. The Australian Standards stipulate a range of scientific tests that a security product must pass in order to remain in its class, and it’s important to ensure that your screens are fitted with a triple lock & 5 pin cylinder to meet this standard.

2. Frame

The security frame should be made of aluminium or stainless steel Experts believe that a steel door (if properly constructed and installed) is regarded as the most effective option. Ideally, choose a brand that uses 316 Marine Grade Steel which is not only super strong, but also corrosion resistant, making it perfect for coastal Australia.

3. Installation

Ensure you security screens and doors are custom made and properly installed to Australian Installation Standard (AS5040).

Where to buy quality Security Screens and Doors on the Sunshine Coast

Darren’s Blinds, Shutters and Curtains is a Sunshine Coast company who offers quality security screens and doors, installed to Australian Standards. They use only quality Secure View screens and doors by Canbrax Screens.

Secure View screens are:

  • Made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Built to meet all Australian Standards
  • Custom made to fit door frames and windows
  • Designed to reduce glare and heat, but allow for breeze flow
  • Translucent, allowing superior visibility for a great view
  • Childproof for maximum safety
  • Can’t be scratched or damaged by pets

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