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How Window Coverings Can Reduce Hotel Room Noise

Most hotels are positioned centrally in convenient locations for guests, however, the heavy pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic that usually accompanies central locations can result in very inconvenient hotel room noise for your guests.  In fact, a noise complaint is consistently the number one hotel guest complaint.


According to one survey, guests are 86% less likely to recommend a hotel if they had a bad noise-related experience.


There are numerous noise reduction strategies that hotels employ, but one simple solution you may not have considered is how your window coverings could help reduce outside noise for your hotel guests. The manager at the Beach Side Resort at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast says guest comfort is very important for hotels and resorts. 

“We want to ensure our rooms are dark and quiet so guests have a great night’s sleep.  We are really happy with the triple weave fabric curtains, blocking out noise and sun”.

We’ve put together some expert tips to help you optimise your window coverings to block out noise for your hotel guests, ensuring they get some quality shut-eye.

1. Blockout and Thermal Curtains

The acrylic coating on the back of blockout and thermal curtains makes them great for noise reduction in hotel rooms.

2. Layer or Adjust Your Curtain Fabric


Pairing your curtains with blinds can reduce noise in hotel rooms and ensure your guests have a good night's sleep. Darren’s Blinds has a range of custom roller blinds that can easily be layered with drapes to further decrease the amount of noise that penetrates through your hotel windows. Curtains and curtain linings with triple woven fabric are also particularly effective at blocking out both sound and light, as this adds another layer of protection.


3. Measure Your Curtains Correctly

The right window measurements will ensure optimal curtain coverage of your windows and keep as much of that unwanted noise out, so it’s critical to measure correctly before you install your window coverings. Always use a premium curtain supplier such as Darren's Blinds, Shutters and Curtains who can provide expert advice, curtain measurements for your custom made curtains, to ensure you get the right fit.

Anna from the Grand Palais at Alexandra Headlands agrees.

‘Stunning ocean views are lovely but in Summer when the sunrise is 4am we prefer to give our guests an option to sleep in with 100% block out curtains.  We use Darren’s Blinds Shutters & Curtains for our window furnishings; measured, quote, installed, hassle free.”

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