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How to Choose the Right Blinds and Awnings for your Home

Outdoor blinds and awnings are a very popular way of making the most of the Queensland climate, increasing your entertaining or living space, and improving the functionality and look of your home or business.

We’ve put together some helpful information to help you choose the right blinds and awnings to make the decision process simpler, whether you are buying shading for the first time, or replacing old or damaged blinds and awnings.

1. Identify the need

There are many benefits of outdoor blinds and awnings, so it’s important to decide on what your most important needs are. Are you wanting to protect from the wind and rain? Do you need to block out the harsh sun and keep areas cool? Or are you wanting to expand an entertaining space? Once you have a clear idea of the primary purpose of your blinds, it will help you decide on the most appropriate style and fabric.

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2. Choosing the right colour

Blue outdoor awnings Like any other furniture or soft furnishings, blinds and awnings can brighten up a house or entertainment area, complement the current colour scheme, and establish a mood and feel. You may choose to try and match a current colour scheme or create a new look for your home.

Neutral cream, white and beige colours are a safe option as they will compliment any colour scheme and you won’t need to repaint of make other changes to your décor.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, think about how the fabric colour may alter the appearance of an area.

Lighter colours can make smaller spaces appear bigger, whereas dark colours tend to make a space feel more enclosed. Cool colours such as green and blue provide a more relaxed feel, and warm oranges, reds and yellows can liven up an area.

3. Selecting the best solution

There is a wide range of awning models and mechanisms, including automatic Ziptrak®, Zipscreen, Folding and Drop Arm, Wire Guide, Side Channel and Straight Drop Crank Awnings, and Side and Straight Spring Awnings.

Selecting the best type of awning or outdoor blind is dependent on a number of factors including:

  • Type of window and window opening

    Awning options may be dependent on how your windows open, and the space you have available in the area. An expert blind and awning consultant can guide you on the most suitable options.

  • Which way your windows or area faces
    Multi stop 4 way blinds
    East and west facing openings receive the low angle morning or afternoon sun, making them more challenging to shade. Adjustable blinds or awnings that can be moved to accommodate the angle of the sun are a great option. North-facing openings receive the sun at a higher angle in summer, and therefore require a narrower overhead shading device compared to east and west facing areas. Fixed awnings and other shade coverings are a most suitable solution.
  • Style and Ease of Use

    Your decision may also come down to personal preference, budget and whether you prefer automatic winding mechanisms, or you are happy with manual winding. Your decision may also depend on whether you want shading without posts or support poles cluttering up an area, especially in swimming pool and entertaining spaces.  

Expert Advice

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